Although Ramadan is often regarded as a month of fasting, it’s also a month of charitable acts.This is because the Holy Month is all about strengthening your connection with Allah (SWT), which involves making sacrifices and sharing your wealth with those who need it most. Here at Orphans in Need, we work to support the poorest members of society globally. While we all wait a few hours during Ramadan for a glass of clean water and a nourishing meal, the neediest individuals don’t know where their next drink or meal is coming from. As a result, we want to do all we can to ensure that generous Muslims have a platform to assist those in need during the month of Ramadan.


Ways to Donate in Ramadan


There’s no one way to express grace and generosity during Ramadan, which is why we provide a multitude of donation methods to suit you.


Ramadan Daily Donation


With various appeals, there are no limits to the number of people you can help over the course of Ramadan. We accept donations on a daily basis throughout Ramadan and the rest of the year to alleviate hardship on a global scale. Make a daily donation this Ramadan.


Automatic Donation for Ramadan


Ramadan is a busy time for Muslims globally, meaning you may not have the time to make a physical transaction daily. Thankfully, you can make a difference without even thinking about it, as we provide platforms that allow for automatic donations.


Last 10 Days of Ramadan Donation


Our most popular automatic donation platform is My Ten Nights; this allows you to make one 10 nights of Ramadan donation, which we will then split over the last 10 days of the month. This is to ensure you reap the blessings of the Night of Power (Laylat al-Qadr).




As one of the Five Pillars of Islam, all capable Muslims are required to pay their Zakat before the end of the Islamic Year. Many Muslims choose to do so during Ramadan, as it’s thought that rewards for good deeds are multiplied during this time.




While Sadaqah is a voluntary form of charity, it’s one that many Muslims choose to complete during Ramadan. Not only does your Sadaqah have the power to transform lives in Ramadan, but you’ll be recognised and rewarded by Allah (SWT) for such.


Fidya and Kaffarah


In the instance that you cannot or do not fast during Ramadan, we accept your Fidya and Kaffarah payments. Each of these payments must be distributed among the poor and needy, which we can complete for you at Orphans in Need.


The Impact of Ramadan Donation


As previously mentioned, Orphans in Need is home to multiple appeals, meaning your Ramadan donation has the potential to make a world of difference. Detailed below are just some of the ways your donation can impact people globally.

Emergency Response


Firstly, your Ramadan donation could enable us to respond to worldwide emergencies. If we consider the recent Pakistan floods, funding was, and still is, more important than ever to rescue those in dire need.

Orphan Care


It’s estimated that there are roughly 147 million orphans worldwide, and they’re in desperate need of your Ramadan donation to survive. From our Global Orphan Care Appeal to our Orphan Sponsorship Programme, your Ramadan donation has the potential to rescue orphans from a dreaded fate.


Winter Survival


For those in poverty, the entire year is a struggle, but the winter is undoubtedly the most difficult time. Your Ramadan donation to our Winter Appeal could provide blankets, winter coats, and even shelter in anticipation of the bitter winter months.


Food Parcels


During Ramadan, capable Muslims abstain from food and drink during daylight hours. At the end of the day, they’ll replenish themselves with a glass of cold water and a nourishing meal. For those in poverty, abstaining from food and water is a daily occurrence, and this isn’t through choice. Instead, they simply have no way of knowing where their next drink or meal is coming from. Your Ramadan donation to our Widow and Orphan Food Parcel Appeal could save a family from the pain of starvation.


Widow Family Care


Unfortunately, women aren’t held in the same regard as men in many countries, especially women without husbands. Upon becoming a widow, a woman not only loses her husband but also often loses her rights. This results in homelessness, starvation, and, often, death. The whole family is affected, even the children. You can make the lives of these people a little easier via your Ramadan donation to our Widow Family Sponsorship Programme.


Contact Orphans in Need


For further advice and guidance regarding your Ramadan donation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to discuss our work and direct you towards where the need is greatest.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to transform lives globally.