Who we are

Part of this is working hard to ensure the solutions we provide
our orphans and widows are sustainable.

We are dedicated to providing long-term, consistent support to orphan children and their families in need. Our teams are here to ensure the children in our care will grow and develop in their confidence over time and have a chance for a better and brighter future.


We’re a UK based organisation, supporting and caring for over 30,000 orphans and their families in 14 countries including Somalia, Mali, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone and Sri Lanka. From our establishment in 2005, we have supported those who struggle to survive and make a living for themselves. Your donations ensure we can provide long-term, sustainable solutions to the most vulnerable of our society. Our teams are working in the areas worst affected by poverty offering; regular food parcels, funding access to education and essential medical care and funding supportive and caring homes for orphans through our Orphans Village project and Global Orphan Care.


As one of the first charities in the world dedicated to caring for orphans and providing child sponsorship, our work has made a difference to young lives that may have been lost. We work with some of the poorest countries in the world and provide for the innocent lives caught up in conflicts that bring war and fear to their hometowns.


Our two UK offices are based in London and Bradford.



Sponsored Children – Currently we sponsor over 4000 children in Palestine



Sponsored Children – Currently we sponsor over 3000 children in Indua



Food Parcels – Delivered over 6000 food parcels in Kashmir during the lockdown


Meals Given – More than 6 million meals to orphans and widows during ramadan

Our Mission


As one of the only dedicated orphan charities in the UK, we are working towards creating a better world, not just for our orphans, but for everyone.

  • Support orphans in their personal development, helping them
    learn new skills and improve their professional prospects for the future
  • Provide relief from hunger and the stress that comes with it,
    enabling recent widows to focus on finding income to support their families
  • Help existing orphanage owners through grants to improve the standard of accommodation and living for the orphans in their care
  • Offer access and funding for medical care and treatment for those
    that don’t have the means to afford it

Our core mission is to work towards a world where everyone gets the help and respect they deserve. From the orphan children who are neglected, to the widowed women who have lost their rights, Orphans in Need believes in a world where loving environments are the norm and everyone lives a happier and healthier life.

Orphans in Need are an award-winning charity dedicated to improving the lives of orphan children across the world. Our work and charity efforts have been recognised over the years and to date, we have achieved and maintain the following;

  • We received the Global Peace and Unity award for the Best Child Sponsorship
    Charity 2013
  • We received the British Muslim Award for Muslim Charity of the Year Award 2015
  • We are accountable for all our actions to our donors and beneficiaries
  • We are open and transparent in all our activities
  • We believe our beneficiaries have the equal right to live in dignity and with personal empowerment
  • We are a dynamic, energetic and committed organisation that can demonstrate tangible success across our activities
  • We are regulated and approved by the UK Charities Commission