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Bangladeshi children are in desperate need of aid and support. They are living in some of the most vulnerable conditions in the world, with poverty, food insecurity, lack of healthcare, and violence/exploitation among some of the many issues facing communities in Bangladesh.

Orphans in Need works across Bangladesh to provide essential support to those most in need, but we rely on your donations so we can continue our aid efforts.

There are many issues facing children and communities in Bangladesh, including trafficking and abuse. Girls are at high risk of domestic and sexual abuse, with child marriage extremely common across the country. Childhood marriage brings with it early pregnancy, and that can result in a range of health complications. Bangladesh has one of the highest rates of adolescent births, with an estimated 113 live births out of every 1,000 belonging to an adolescent mother.
Stillbirths are extremely common, with 230 happening every day. Some 62,000 newborns die every year, and 5,200 mothers die giving birth.

There is a correlation between complicated births and a lack of education. It’s thought that 6.2 million Bangladeshi children are not in school. There are a number of reasons for this, with poverty being a leading factor. Many Bangladeshi communities are stuck in a cycle of poverty and require their children to go to work to boost income and, as a result, more than 1.7 million children are victims of child labor.

Another threat facing children and their families is poor sanitation and unsafe drinking water. Only 34% of Bangladeshi’s have access to safe drinking water. Contaminants include arsenic, manganese, chloride, E.coli, and faeces, all of which can lead to deadly diseases. Bangladesh is prone to natural disasters which only increases water contamination issues.

Support Orphans in Need USA’s Charity Work in Bangladesh

Orphans in Need USA works across Bangladesh to support children and their families, intending to provide essential healthcare, education, food and water provisions, and safe spaces, but we need your help. Progress in Bangladesh is slow, with cultural traditions still taking precedence over child safety and wellbeing.

Please donate to our Bangladesh appeal so we can help elevate children in need out of poverty and danger, and provide them with a hopeful, stable future.