$12 - Fidiya Per Missed Fast

The month of Ramadan is a time for purification and reflection when all able Muslims should fast and abstain from vices. If you are not able to fast, you must either pay Fidya or Kaffarah to make up for each missed fast. These contributions will help to feed those living in poverty.

What is Fidya?

Fidya is the Islamic name for the obligatory charitable contribution made when you cannot fast either through illness, old age or pregnancy and should only be made if you cannot make up your fasts at a later date. Contributing your Fidya amount 2021 for not fasting will feed someone living in poverty twice or help to provide two impoverished people with a meal each.

How Much is Fidya for Ramadan 2024?


Fiday is a day’s meals (Ta’am miskeen) estimated in US in 2024 about $12. Should an individual miss their fasts for the whole of Ramadan, the total expected Fidya charity contribution would be $360.

What is Kaffarah?

Kaffarah is the donation made when you deliberately miss or break your fast during the month of Ramadan without a valid reason. Kaffarah is not an obligatory contribution as you can choose to fast continuously for 60 days, although, if you intentionally miss or break another fast, you must begin the 60 days again. The Kaffarah contribution is used to feed 60 people living in poverty.