$12 - Per Family Member

What is Fitrana?

Fitrana is the donation made when Muslims who have completed their Ramadan fast has food in excess of their needs. Traditionally Zakat ul-Fitr was a contribution made in a food staple, such as rice and flour. However, as it’s difficult to arrange for small amounts of staple food to reach distant communities, Fitrana charities such as Orphans in Need take your monetary donation and distribute this as food to families living in poverty.

How Much Is Fitrana 2022 in the States?


Zakatul Fitr is one sa’ (about 5 pounds) of wheat, barley, rice, flour or dates. So the average price according to Fiqh Council of North America is about $12.


The payable Fitrana 2022 USA total is calculated at $12 from every able-bodied Muslim. This is the amount equivalent to one saa, or four times the amount of food that can be scooped up with both hands together and was designated by the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).


Fitrana or Zakat ul-Fitr is a time-sensitive donation and Orphans in Need need to know your intention to donate your Fitrana before Eid ul-Fitr.

If you are donating your Zakat ul Fitr 2022 amount, please do so in advance of Eid and let Orphans in Need USA know the intent of your donation so we can distribute food to the communities in need.