Our Team

Orphans in Need USA Board of Members

Sheikh Anis Musa

Legacy-President and Chair

Orphans in Need was established over 15 years ago following the vision of Sheikh Anis Musa.

Sheikh Anis Musa was born in the United Kingdom and is a businessman who operates a number of food distribution businesses across Europe. He has travelled around the world, with business relationships established across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Following many visits to India, Sheikh Anis had a vision and made it his mission to provide support to vulnerable women and children worldwide by providing first-class care and assisting with each individual’s needs, irrespective of colour, creed, culture or religion. Sheikh Anis longed to pave a way for the poor to have access to the highest standard of education available and in 2005 Sheikh Anis founded Orphans in Need, in the United Kingdom and registered a Trust in India to make a difference in the lives of those who were living in extreme poverty.

Sheikh Anis is passionate about providing opportunities to the destitute, alleviating poverty and taking people out of hardship and is now successfully running children’s homes, orphanages and hostels which not only provide a home for orphaned children to live, they provide a safe haven for children to grow up in and the highest standard of care, which is recognised worldwide for it’s excellence.

Orphans in Need now supports and cares for over 50,000 orphaned children and their families in 14 countries worldwide, including India, Somalia, Kenya, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka and Sudan.

From the establishment of Orphans in Need in 2005, Sheikh Anis Musa has supported those who are struggling to survive and unable to make a living for themselves. Orphans in Need provides long-term, sustainable solutions to the most vulnerable of our society, working in the areas worst affected by poverty offering; regular food parcels, access to education, essential medical care and funding supportive and loving homes for orphans and widows.

Jonead Afzal

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Zuleyha Kayl

Board Treasurer

Zuleyha Kayl is a cybersecurity professional with over 10 years experience in the non profit and political sectors. She has an extensive background in both working/ governing boards, fundraising, campaign management, financial planning, public relations, and political organizing. She is also currently taking classes at Harvard University (remotely) and resides on the East Coast.

Ismail Yousuf Vania

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Valerie Ann Scarll

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Somayyah Ghariani

Board Member

Somayyah Ghariani is the Executive Director at Ikram Foundation for the Empowerment of Muslim Women. Somayyah has been working in the nonprofit sector for over ten years at a grassroots level within her community. Ms. Ghariani graduated from George Mason University with a BA in Communications & Psychology. She holds a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Georgetown University, as well as a Women’s Leadership Certificate from Yale School of Management, and is a graduate of the Karamah Law and Leadership summer program (LLSP).

Somayyah is currently enrolled in a Master’s program in Organizational Leadership and Learning at George Washington University. Somayyah is passionate about serving those most in need with a client-centered approach and has worked with marginalized populations in her local community with a focus on breaking cyclical poverty for women and children.

Orphans in Need USA Key Team Members

Mansoor Sakhiy

Chief Executive Officer

Mansoor, being an energetic global business leader, brings a wealth of leadership experience and passion for the nonprofit sector. Mansoor comes to Orphans in Need USA from his role as Executive Director of Muslim Aid USA, which he co-founded. With the help of his leadership, MAUSA raised over $12.5 million in three short years, making it the fastest-growing Muslim charity in the United States.