Empower Ethiopian Widows with a New Home

Did you know that women in Ethiopia are amongst the poorest in the world?


Poverty in the country is directly related to a lack of women’s economic, social, and political empowerment, including access to and control over services and resources.


Unfortunately, when women are adversely impacted in this way, their children are as well — and in countries like Ethiopia, widowed women and orphaned children suffer the most. 


Orphans in Need USA aims to give these women the support they need to find success and ease. 


Through our Orphans and Widows Plus program in Ethiopia, we support widows and orphans in rediscovering their value, learning new skills, and witnessing excellence and growth.


We are assisting widowed mothers in creating a business plan for their livelihood. Insha’Allah, based on their capacity, we will be providing them with sheep, chicken, goats, horses, beehives, and cows.


OINUSA will also provide

Join us as we work on the ground in Ethiopia to build homes for widows and orphans in greatest need, while also supporting them in other ways.


Together, we can make a difference in their lives.