As a widow charity in the UK, we often see widows subjected to a number of challenges, including economic hardship, discrimination, and social isolation. When it comes to improving the lives of widows, we understand that economic independence is of the utmost importance. This economic independence is empowering in the sense that it assists them in breaking out of the cycle of poverty and vulnerability that many find themselves trapped in. Skills training is one of the ways in which widows can be supported in their independence, as this provides them with the tools that they need to become self-sufficient and secure a better future.


Being one of the charities for widows, it’s our mission to aid widows in their journey towards a bright future; however, we require your donations to make it happen. So, be sure to donate online to our charity for Widows and Orphans Food Parcels and read more about the power of skills training below.

The Plight of Widows

As we work to be the best Islamic charity in the UK, we often see widows face a number of challenges that are worsened by limited resource access, discriminatory laws, and cultural norms. Across the globe, widows are commonly excluded from decision-making processes, subjected to social stigma, and simply ostracised from society. What’s more, it’s not uncommon for widows to be denied inheritance rights, which leads to a loss of financial security and family assets. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for widows to find themselves trapped in a cycle of poverty, wherein they’re unable to support themselves and their children.


The Importance of Economic Independence

All charities online will tell you just how important economic independence is to ensure that widows are able to break the cycle of poverty. If widows are given a means of earning a living, this enables them to take back control of their lives and provide for their families. In addition to this, economic empowerment can help to build self-esteem, making widows more confident and self-reliant. From this, widows are then able to provide their children with the likes of healthcare and education, which sets them up for a better standard of living.


Skills Training as a Solution

In order to provide an avenue for supporting widows in their quest for economic independence, we ask for your online donations to put towards skills training. Skills training offers knowledge and practical skills to find employment or establish their own businesses. To that end, detailed below are some of the reasons why skills training is a crucial tool for widow empowerment:


Relevant and Marketable Skills

We ask you to donate to an Islamic charity such as ours if you wish to help provide skills training programmes that are in demand in the job market. Equipping widows with these skills means that they’re more employable candidates.


Increased Earning Potential

As a widows’ charity, we understand that new skills open doors to higher-paying jobs. With an increased income comes greater financial stability in which they’re able to support themselves and their families.



In the absence of a partner, widows often struggle to incorporate employment into their family duties. With skills training programmes, though, flexible schedules are provided, making for more accessible opportunities.



Not only do skills training programmes benefit widows from a financial perspective, but they also boost the self-esteem of widows, providing them with a sense of purpose and setting them up for a brighter future.


Community Building

With skills training programmes, communities of like-minded individuals can be created, and this allows for emotional support and networking possibilities. This further contributes to the confidence of widows, which also increases their prospects.


Skills training programmes are designed to accommodate widows from all manner of backgrounds, including those who haven’t been granted access to education. As a result, all widows, no matter their background, can benefit.


Challenges and Solutions

Although skills training is an undeniably powerful tool in supporting widows, this isn’t to say that it’s without its challenges. To that end, detailed below are just some of the challenges that come with implementing skills training programmes and the solutions to them:


Access to Training

Unfortunately, there is limited access to these skills training programmes, meaning that the private sector, non-governmental organisations, and governments should collaborate to provide them to as many people in need as possible.


Resources and Support

Following these skills training programmes, widows typically need access to financial resources to further invest in their education or start businesses. Low-interest loans, grants, and microcredit programmes are some of the resources that can be used to overcome this.


Gender Equality

In order to combat discrimination against widows in the workplace, gender equality needs to be promoted. This means putting awareness campaigns and legal protections in place to create an inclusive environment.


Mentorship and Networking

So that widows can navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship, mentorship programmes and networks can be established. Ideally, these can be led by business professionals and experienced entrepreneurs.


Support Widows’ Economic Independence with Orphans in Need

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