A Touch of Warmth for Orphan Jahan

10-year-old orphan Jahan Ara lives in the District of Sunsara, Nepal with her mother and her older sister, Fatima.


Though life is difficult throughout the entire year, Winter is the most difficult to survive. “Since my father died, life has been a big struggle. During winter, my mum struggles with us even more. It’s harder to get to school and home is always cold at night, we can’t warm up. Her depression gets even worse during this season, and her grief is much harder for her to cope with.”


Both Jahan and Fatima are sponsored by Orphans in Need and through this assistance, manage to continue with their education and enjoy basic security. “Since we got support, we can finally look forward to warm food in the evenings now. My sister and I love our cosy winter blankets which make the nights so much easier. After a hot dinner and proper rest at night, I can concentrate much better at school. Fatima and I go in with our new winter coats too, which we both love!”

Please donate to those suffering this Winter and help us provide the support that will save lives.

Daddy Mammy Coker

We met Daddy Mammy Coker. He is 15 years old and a perfect student in his school. He wants to be a lawyer when he grows up and his main interest is of course football.