This is Anees, 7 Years Old

He lives in Pakistan.


In 2011, his father suffered a fatal heart attack, leaving Anees, his mother (Kousar Parveen) and sister (Zainab Noor) to look after each other.


The family suffered financial hardship without their sole breadwinner, and with no regular source of income Anees’ mother, Kousar, could not to afford to send her children to school.


The family’s household status went down, and her health began to deteriorate as they started to become isolated from social gatherings and celebrations.

Now, thanks to sponsorship from Orphans in Need, all of this has changed…


Idrissa’s sponsorship has helped the family a lot, particularly during the pandemic. Idrissa who is now five-years-old is enrolled into nursery where he is learning and playing games with children his age. Idrissa was quite behind when he started, he didn’t really know how to read or write which wasn’t normal for a child his age.

Now, Idrissa is learning at the same level as the rest of his classmates. His mother is relieved that he has been sponsored, she is hopeful that her days of struggling will be over soon and that her children will live a better life. Your sponsorship helps children and their families see better days.

Anees Azhar-2

Ibtesam Altarabilsy

Ibtesam Altarabilsy lives in North Gaza-Beit Lahia in Palestine with his mother, 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Ibtesam was attending school before receiving sponsorship but now due to your support Ibtesam is doing very well and is studying at university.