Global hunger is a large and growing problem, especially with the effects of the cost-of-living crisis. Although this is predominantly an issue in developing countries, it also affects many people in the UK.

The most vulnerable members of society are impacted by hunger more so than anyone else. For instance, orphans and widows often have no means of acquiring income, which places them at great risk of malnutrition. Orphans in Need is dedicated to helping all manner of individuals obtain the nutrients they need; however, our Widow and Orphan Food Parcel Appeal is one that’s particularly close to our hearts.

There are several ways to tackle global hunger and poverty by supporting Muslim charities and food charities who aim to feed the hungry. Keep reading to see some ways to help fight global hunger, as well as statistics around it.


Global Hunger Statistics

According to Action Against Hunger, there are 49 million people in 42 different countries around the world who are at risk of hunger. Almost one in ten people go to bed hungry every night, which equates to a huge mass of people who are experiencing hunger. In addition, three billion people can’t afford healthy meals that provide nutrients and energy.

Poverty is the underlying cause of global hunger, but this can be tackled through supporting charities and organisations that help people in need, including Orphans in Need.


Food Bank Usage

In the UK, around 3% of families used a foodbank between April 2021 and March 2022. This was a total of at least 2.1 million people who were faced with hunger and poverty.

These statistics show the need for food banks, as well as the extent to which poverty has led to families being hungry, including children, in the UK.


How You Can Help

You can help to tackle global hunger by donating not only money but your time and resources. Here are some ideas for how you can help:

  • Donate to a food charity that uses your donations to provide food and essentials to those in need.
  • Put aside just £10 a month to put towards a charity cause to feed the hungry.
  • Buy groceries for a stranger – they may be in need, and it is a great way of helping someone.
  • Organise local community events to raise money for those in need.
  • Check in on your neighbours and offer to cook them some food.
  • Educate yourself and others on global hunger and the importance of tackling it.
  • Volunteer your time at a local food bank or charity.
  • If there are no local charities, you can start one with some friends to give back to your community and help the impoverished.
  • Go on a charity deployment or charity trip where you can give out food parcels and essentials to people in poorer countries.
  • Make dua – this is the most important action. Ask Allah (SWT) to help those in need and to allow you to be a means of helping others for His sake.

A world without hunger can only be achieved through the collaborative work of individuals, communities, charities, and other organisations. Your help as an individual can cause substantial change, Insha’Allah.


Giving Charity in Islam

As we know, giving charity in Islam is important and highly rewarded, but giving charity can come in many different forms, not only financial.

Yes, donating money to a charity or cause could make a big difference, but also offering your time to volunteer or educating others on giving to charity is important, too, as this could lead to more charitable actions by others.

The Prophet(peace be upon him), said, “Whoever guides someone to goodness will have a reward like one who did it.” (Muslim)

As Muslims, we should strive to give charity or perform a charitable deed every day so as to follow the hadith from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): “A charity is due for every joint in each person on every day the sun comes up: to act justly between two people is a charity; to help a man with his mount, lifting him onto it or hoisting up his belongings onto it, is a charity; a good word is a charity; and removing a harmful thing from the road is a charity.” (Al-Bukhari, Muslim)

Giving charity has many benefits for the giver, one being seen in the following hadith: The Prophet, upon him, be peace, said: “Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” (Al-Tirmidhi)


Donate to Orphans in Need

You can donate to Orphans in Need via the easy option of online donations to provide support to widows and orphans around the world

A hadith states, “The one who looks after the widow and the needy person is like the one who fights in the cause of Allah, or like him who performs prayers all the night and fasts all the day.” (Sahih Bukhari)

Donate online to charity today and help to tackle global hunger.