Since October 7, the ongoing violence in Gaza has displaced 85% of Gazans. That is nearly 1.9 million people. Many have found temporary refuge in public schools, hospitals, and community shelters. But most are less fortunate, finding shelter in open spaces or with host families.

Recent developments have only increased these challenges. The escalation in Khan Younis has had an impact on aid distribution, leaving many without access to essential needs. In Rafah, however, we’ve managed to maintain flow of aid, although limited.

$45- can ensure that a widow and her children receive nourishment for an entire month.

Our Response:

With our local office’s destruction and the challenges our staff are now facing, we’ve partnered with UN-approved international charities to ensure that aid reaches those in need in Gaza. Our focus is on two immediate relief projects:

  • Food Security: We’re distributing 4,250 fresh produce baskets in Rafah.
  • Winterization Support: We’re providing 850 packages, each containing winter clothes and blankets.
  • Looking Ahead: Our long-term goal is the rehabilitation of homes. We plan to repair homes with minimal damage for up to 23 households, each requiring an estimated $7,500.
  • Distribution and Beneficiary Selection: Our team is working with local partners to oversee the distribution of these items to families in targeted UN shelters. We are working diligently to identify the most vulnerable displaced by the war, ensuring that our aid reaches those who need it most.