We’re slowly making our way out of the harsh winter conditions and approaching milder and sunnier days here in the UK. There’s no denying that the dismal weather isn’t pleasant, but most of us are fortunate enough to shield away from unpleasant weather in our secure and centrally heated homes. Despite this, millions of individuals across the globe are forced to endure harsh weather conditions in makeshift homes or even on the streets.

It’s widely misconstrued that countries such as Pakistan, India, and Palestine don’t experience cold temperatures; however, this certainly isn’t the case. In fact, Pakistan can reach lows of -2˚C in winter, which poor locals must endure in the absence of appropriate clothing and housing.

The unbearable temperatures and harsh weather conditions aren’t the only concerns of those living in developing countries. In fact, illness is much rifer in winter with seasonal colds, cases of flu, and even the Coronavirus in circulation. For many of us, a cold involves a stuffy nose and a tickly throat, yet we’re able to carry on with our lives, and rest assured that we’ll be over it within a week. Despite this, individuals in developing countries are already malnourished and dehydrated in most cases, meaning that their bodies frankly aren’t equipped to tackle even the most minor of illnesses. Therefore, urgent medical supplies are desperately needed, and they’re simply not available.

It’s for these reasons that we established our Winter Crisis Appeal, and we want to ensure that generous donors such as yourself are made aware of how these donations have helped the needy on a global scale.

The Orphans in Need Winter Charity Appeal

Our Winter Appeal was designed to help everyone who needs shielding from the threats of winter, with a particular focus on the elderly and children. This is because these are the most vulnerable groups that are likely to suffer from the effects of winter. Similarly, we invest extra attention into those who are struggling with existing conditions, as these can only worsen with the icy temperatures.

In addition to this, the poor widows that we work with are only subjected to further challenges during the winter months. Earning a livelihood becomes virtually impossible during this time due to frosty grounds and the dark days. It’s for these same reasons that orphaned children have no choice but to battle through the winter in hope of a better summer.

Winter is often referred to as the enemy that is quick to come and slow to depart, and this couldn’t be any more fitting for those struggling to survive in developing nations. In developed countries, we’re able to prepare for the winter challenges, but this is an impossibility for those in poverty-stricken conditions. As a result, we established our Winter Survival Appeal, and your donations made life for these individuals that little bit easier.

What Your Donations Have Achieved

Although your donations may not seem like much to you, they have transformed the lives of the needy across the globe. You have funded the likes of winter relief kits, food packs, food, blankets, and winter clothing. In addition to this, your donations have enabled us to heat orphanages for months on end, as well as deliver emergency medical treatment and hospital support. Finally, your donations have gone towards building stable homes for widows and orphaned children, which couldn’t be achieved without your help.

Quite simply, your donations have made the difference between life and death for some individuals, and you can’t put a price on that. You have successfully saved entire families from the dreaded threats of winter and poverty combined. For this, we thank you.

Jahan’s Story

Jahan is one of the many orphans that we provided aid for using your Winter Appeal donations. She is a 10-year-old Nepalese orphan, who lives with her mother and older sister, Fatima. Jahan shared her heart-breaking story with us, and we knew we had to help:

“Since my father died, life has been a big struggle. During winter, my mum struggles with us even more. It’s harder to get to school and home is always cold at night, we can’t warm up. Her depression gets even worse during this season, and her grief is much harder for her to cope with.”


No family deserves to suffer, which is why we made certain that we alleviated some of the pressure that winter brings for families like Jahan’s. After receiving aid from Orphans in Need, Jahan and her sister are able to feel secure whilst continuing with their education.

“Since we got support, we can finally look forward to warm food in the evenings now. My sister and I love our cosy winter blankets which make the nights so much easier. After a hot dinner and proper rest at night, I can concentrate much better at school. Fatima and I go in with our new winter coats too, which we both love!”

The results speak for themselves. Your winter donations have changed lives across the globe.

Continue the Support with Orphans in Need

Our work doesn’t stop just because winter does. We’re dedicated to helping those in need all year round. Please continue to donate so that we can carry on with our life-changing programmes worldwide.