Gambia Widow

Homes Renovation

Visit Widowed Women And Their Orphaned Children In Gambia

Our team at OIN recently had the opportunity to visit widowed women and their orphaned children in Gambia, and what we witnessed was deeply saddening.


Among the 23 widows we visited, only one household had a table and chair to aid orphaned children with their homework. Some of these families live in such small, cramped spaces that they don’t even have room for a simple piece of furniture.


What’s even more disheartening is the poor living conditions these widows and their families are forced to face on a daily basis. Many of their homes have deteriorating roofs, ceilings, and internal infrastructure. They lack proper sanitation and kitchens, and their outdoor kitchens expose them to biogas and other hazardous elements.


As if that weren’t enough, many of these households have old, broken doors and windows, making it difficult for them to keep their homes secure. The electrical systems in 11 households were especially concerning, with exposed wires and switches that pose significant risk.


OIN is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of these widows and their families. We’re working with local handymen to provide the necessary improvements to their homes, including electrical upgrades, roofing and ceiling repairs, better sanitation and kitchens, and also renewable energy options. We want to ensure that every household has comfortable and safe living conditions.


Join us in supporting the renovation of homes for these widowed women and their children.